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Rowan Jackson

The first time I walked into KTC, on Fred Cooper's instruction, I walked up to Lama Norlha, introduced myself and sat down to lunch. To my surprise and delight I was urged to go up to Lama for fruit. I had no idea that he would put cold, wet, ripe fruit into my hand. The sensual shock was thrilling, moreover I am allergic to mangos and I didn't even get an itch!

I brought my cat Thomas to KTC last summer for a blessing from Rinpoche. We were all assembled outside and all of a sudden Rinpoche began throwing rice on Thomas in his mesh trolly. I can only think he had the same sensual surprise I had with the fruit, after all, no one had ever thrown rice at him as I had never been given a handful of fruit. His surprise blessings may be my favorites.

-Rowan Jackson