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Julie Radford

Julie RadfordThis is an anecdote about Elisabeth Deran offered by her partner of 33 years, Julie Radford:

I'll never forget the day Elisabeth first visited KTC. When I got home from work, she couldn't wait to tell me that she went there on an impulse that morning. She had thought about it for a long time. I'm certain that she checked the astrological tables to see if this was an auspicious day.

She was warmly greeted by a nun from Canada named Dechi. She was invited to come back for lunch, which pleased and excited her.

So as not to appear "piggy" she ate a little bit before she arrived at KTC. At lunch she met Lama Norlha and many of the nuns and monks. She wrote down their names on a tiny piece of paper that she kept in her pocket until she no longer needed it.

Elisabeth told me that day that she had found her home. She had searched for years and years. Sometimes I was jealous that she loved Rinpoche more than me, but I could see how her devotion to her mentor and friend made her extremely happy.

-Julie Radford