Refreshing Our Practice, Continued - a Discussion Led by Lama Chodron and Lama Jamdron

May 23, 2021 (Sunday)

In light of concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, to protect the well-being and safety of everyone, Palpung Thubten Chöling Monastery remains closed to the public.


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In our May discussion, we will continue to explore how we individually structure our personal practice, how we keep it fresh, how we work with distraction and other challenges that arise, and what impact our formal practice has on situations that arise in daily life. Lama Chodron and Lama Jamdron will lead the discussion, and we invite everyone at all levels of experience to join us to share your questions as well as what works for you.


This session is being offered remotely on Zoom.  If you would like to participate please email Lama Lhadrun.


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Refreshing Our Practice, Continued