Special Events at Kagyu Thubten Chöling

In addition to special events, Kagyu Thubten Chöling also hosts an ongoing program of classes and events.

Nyungne Retreat - The Fasting Ritual and Meditation of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig

May 16 - June 1, 2018   


1000armChenrezigResizedThe KTC Sangha will be participating in a practice retreat of 8 consecutive sets of Nyungne (the Fasting Ritual and Meditation of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig). This retreat will be held during the auspicious month of Sakadawa, the month commemorating the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is said that, during this time, the merit accumulated through performing virtuous activity is multiplied 100,000 times.

The Nyungne practice is a profound kriya tantra meditation ritual based on loving-kindness and compassion in the form of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig.  The practice involves maintaining strict vows and meditating while reciting mantras and prayers, and performing prostrations and visualizations. Undertaken in sets of two days, the first day includes one vegetarian meal at noon, drinking water throughout the day as needed. The second day is a complete fast performed in noble silence. The Nyungne is renowned as a superior means to purify negative karma and accumulate great merit.

Chenrezig himself declared that completing even one Nyungne prevents rebirth in the lower realms, and the practice of eight consecutive Nyungne leads to birth in Amitabha’s pure land of Dewachen.

Guests are welcome to participate in any or all of the Nyungne sets but please note - it is necessary to arrive at KTC by 8pm the evening before any set as the practice begins as early as 5 am every day throughout the retreat.

The dates for each set are as follows:

Set 1   Begins May 16 (Wednesday) at 5:30 am.  Ends May 18 (Friday) about 6:00 am.
Set 2   Begins May 18 (Friday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 20 (Sunday) about 6:00 am.
Set 3   Begins May 20 (Sunday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 22 (Tuesday) about 6:00 am.
Set 4   Begins May 22 (Tuesday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 24 (Thursday) about 6:00 am.
Set 5   Begins May 24 (Thursday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 26 (Saturday) about 6:00 am.
Set 6   Begins May 26 (Saturday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 28 (Monday) about 6:00 am.
Set 7   Begins May 28 (Monday) at 5:00 am.  Ends May 30 (Wednesday) about 6:00 am.
Set 8   Begins May 30 (Wednesday) at 5:00 am.  Ends June 1 (Friday) about 9:30 am.

Guests attending a nyungne for the first time must speak to Lama Dechi before doing this practice.  Please contact her by emailing Lama Dechi or calling 845-297-2500 (leaving both your name and phone number so that she can get back to you).

We do suggest that guests try to come for the 1st day of any given nyungne set, but if that is not practical, it is still possible to participate any day of the retreat.  For further details for how to participate in this way, please follow the contact instructions above.

Reservations are required.  Please submit an on-line reservation at least 2 days before the Nyungne set you intend to participate in.


The price for each nyungne set includes all meals and accommodations.  Prices per set are:

  • Dorm: $80/ Non-Members   $60/Members
  • Double occupancy in Tashi Kang guest house: $100 per person/Non-Members   $80 per person/Members
  • Private room in Tashi Kang guest house: $125 per person/Non-Members   $100 per person/Members
  • Double occupancy in Maitreya Center: $130 per person/Non-Members   $120 per person/Members
  • Private room in Maitreya Center: $150 per person/Non-Members   $130 per person/Members
  • Participation in all 8 nyungnes: get 1 free


Krishna Das - Yogini Benefit Concert

June 3, 2018 (Sunday)  

KrishnaDasMC resized


Join us for an evening of devotional music in the beautiful Maitreya Center. Proceeds will support women practicing in the traditional Tibetan Buddhist three-year retreat at KTC Monastery. The cloistered retreat creates a unique environment for devoting all the energies of body, speech and mind to the transformative meditation practices of the Vajrayana, with the intention to free all sentient beings from suffering.

The women in the current retreat have completed almost a year and a half, and are in need of funds to cover the cost of the full retreat. They are a strong and determined group of meditators who aspire to pervade the world with compassion.

3:00 -5:30pm | Yogini Benefit Concert

Ticket price: advance $40 plus ticketing fee/$50 cash at the door. 

For information and tickets:

Telephone: (845) 505-0788
To email, click here
For tickets, click here

Reservations (1 week in advance) are required if you need overnight accommodations.  Please see General Information about Events at KTC for details.


The 9th North American Kagyu Monlam

June 6 - 10, 2018 (Wednesday - Sunday)  


updated2018NAKM flyer (1)


Lama Karma Phuntsok Teaches Monday Night Meditation Class

June 11, 2018


LamaPhuntsokTeaching resizedLama Karma Phuntsok will be leading the 'Introduction to Buddhist Meditation' class this Monday evening.  Teachings include foundational Buddhist thought along with meditation instructions, which are appropriate for beginners and for anyone who would like to refresh their understanding of meditation or just meditate with a group. No prerequisites or attendance requirement. The class is free of charge. 

Lama Karma Phuntsok was born in Sikkim, India, in 1970.  When he was nine years old he entered Sherab Ling Monastery under the direction of Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, and received the teachings and empowerments of the entire Kagyu tradition.  He entered a three-year retreat in 1989, along with Mingyur Rinpoche, and was later recognized by Situ Rinpoche for his special talent in art and calligraphy.  After completing his monastic training, Lama Phuntsok was sent to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and San Francisco to assist with dharma activities, eventually coming to Gampo Abbey in Canada to assist with the three-year retreat and monastic rituals and practices.  He was later sent to the Toronto area to establish Palpung Yeshe Chokor, a dharma center under the direction of Situ Rinpoche, and is currently one of two resident lamas serving the community there.  


 7:30-8:30pm | Introduction to Buddhist Meditation