Five Million Mani’s Completed for

Lama Norlha Rinpoche's Long Life and Health!

And now: Join the KTC Million Mani Club!

LNR-DovesResizedIn case you haven’t heard, we surpassed our goal of a million recitations of the mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG Lama Norlha Rinpoche’s long life and health: we recited FIVE MILLION mani’s! We had more than 135 participants, plus an unknown number of anonymous participants, with many reciting more than 10,000 each, and 10 reciting more than 100,000.  Rinpoche was very touched and pleased with by this offering. He said, “Thank you, everyone. Nothing makes me happier than everyone practicing Dharma together with a motivation to help others.”  Rinpoche later told us that the mani recitation is definitely helping his long life as as well as helping all sentient beings.

You are invited to join the KTC Million Mani Club

With Rinpoche’s encouragement, we would like to keep the momentum going by inviting you to join KTC’s Million Mani Club. Rinpoche himself recites many mani’s every day, and has recited many millions in his lifetime. By continuing to recite mani’s, we can follow Rinpoche’s inspiring example, continue to promote his long life and excellent health, and also benefit ourselves and all other sentient beings.

We will help you count!


Click here for the Million Mani Club Web Form.

To help everyone keep track of their numbers, sangha member and Albany Center leader Dean Hill has created another beautiful web reporting form, this one specifically for the Million Mani Club. In order to make tracking simple, a confirmation email that includes your total mani accumulation as well as a history of your mani submissions will be sent to you each time you record your mani’s.

If you participated in the New Year Five Million Mani’s for Rinpoche, we still have your current total on record, and anything further you report will be added to that. If you have continued reciting mani’s since January 2, just subtract your earlier total from your current total and report the difference. After that, you can report more mani’s as you recite them, at any intervals you choose.

How to Use the Form

Please note that the Million Mani Club form records individuals totals only. You will need to enter your name and a single email address that you use every time you report a number.  Couples, sanghas, and groups are welcome to join the Million Mani Club as a unit, but please use the web form to report only your individual totals. You can keep track of your combined totals and report to KTC when you have accumulated a million mani’s as a couple or a group. Once your total reaches a million, please notify our mani coordinator, Dean Hill, at deansmail@gmail.com. Dean will notify KTC and we will tell Rinpoche and add your name to the official rolls of the Million Mani Club.  You are also welcome to email Dean any time you have a question.

Mani’s Any Time

In addition to formal practice, you can recite and count mani’s (by mala or by time) whenever you have some down time—while driving; walking; waiting on hold, in line, or for a download. By reciting mani’s you can turn any ordinary activity that doesn’t require your full attention into a sacred activity. If you keep count of your mani’s, they all add up, and if you keep going, eventually you will reach a million!

We will be offering more opportunities for group accumulation, especially during occasions such as Lo Sar and Saka Dawa when merit is vastly magnified. Mani’s recited during these communal efforts may also be counted toward your individual million.

Thanks very much if you participated in the Five Million Mani’s for Rinpoche. If you weren’t able to participate in December, you are most welcome to join us now in the Million Mani Club. Wishing you a happy new year and many more mani’s in the future, for Rinpoche and for the benefit of all beings.